EDo’s 2016 Wishes and 2015 Thanks

EDo’s 2016 Wishes and 2015 Thanks

In this season of reflection and celebration, we offer our wishes for the future, and our thanks for the past year.

We wish for the Mayor and his Administration to implement all of Jeff Speck’s 2014 recommendations for a Walkable City – the title of Jeff’s great book, and a prescription for our success.  These recommendations have been adopted by our City Council. It’s time to make them happen!

We wish for the Signet-Goodman Development Team to start construction on Innovate ABQ at the former First Baptist Church, which has been sitting vacant for too many years.

We wish for a 3 lane Central Avenue, and a multi-way Broadway Boulevard – great streets that will bring economic and residential development to EDo and Huning Highland, and make them Albuquerque’s first truly walkalbe neighborhood. Today, both streets are too fast and too dangerous for economic success!

We wish for a cooperatively- owned neighborhood grocery store, with the best selection of local products in Albuquerque. Look for a crowdfunding opportunity next year.

We wish for new residential buildings with retail stores to be constructed on the vacant lots at 601 Central NE, 501 Central NE, and the southwest corner of Central & Broadway.

We wish for the Highland Park improvements to be constructed.

We wish for the “lawn” at the City Special Collections Library at 423 Central NE to become a public pocket park.

Now, thanks:

#1 We thank all our local business owners for their dedication and skill, for their products and services that we enjoy so much, and for making our neighborhood a better place to live.

#2 We thank everyone who is making this neighborhood their home. We think the future will bring many others and we welcome them!

#3 We thank Councilor Benton for his 8 years of leadership and service to our district and our neighborhood, and for his willingness to serve 4 more. Most recently, we thank him for all the on-street parking spaces he got striped throughout the neighborhood. These public parking places help reduce the need for ugly parking lots on Central and Broadway.

#4 We thank the neighborhood volunteer Boards of EDo and Huning Highland, and for their near unanimous collaboration on neighborhood goals.

Best wishes to all our readers for the holiday season and the year to come.

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December 21, 2015

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