There are 70 quality Lofts in the 1914 Old Main building and 1935 Classroom building located at Broadway and Central, in the heart of the EDo neighborhood. Integrated with a beautifully landscaped, well-lit courtyard and plaza, these buildings provide dependable tenant security. Each loft features high quality wood windows, island or galley kitchens, quality appliances and fixtures in the kitchen and bath, closets, dimmer controlled lighting, and ceiling fans. Tenants enjoy not only the modern interior finishes, but the inherited splendor of the buildings, as well. Each building has spacious hallways and stairs and 13- to 14 -foot-tall ceilings. Depending on location in the building, a loft averaging 700-800 square feet can feature as many as five 9-foot windows. Each building features an elevator and laundry facility, while a shared gym facility in the Old Main building is available to all residents of the two buildings.

There are 44 lofts of the original 70 lofts in the historic Old Main and Classroom buildings still available for ownership.  While these lofts are currently rented, several times per year we work with interested clients who would like to own one, for investment or for their personal use.

Lofts for lease range from $675 to $1,195/month, while lofts for ownership start at $125,000, depending upon size, location, and features, and subject to availability.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment to discuss all the ownership and/or leasing options that would fit your needs, your budget and your timing.


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Qualifying Broker
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Associate Broker
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